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Data Center Support: Secure &
Adaptable Infrastructure

At BECER, we understand the crucial role of efficient and flexible data center solutions for your business success. We support you in leveraging the latest developments in data centers to develop powerful and future-oriented solutions.

Outsourcing within Reach

We guide you through Colt’s innovative approach to modular data centers, enabling rapid and flexible deployment. These prefabricated centers significantly reduce construction time and offer an agile solution to your needs.

High Energy Efficiency

We assist in implementing advanced data center designs focused on high energy efficiency with a target PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of 1.21, ensuring efficient operations.

Security for Your Data

All our partner data centers comply with current data protection and security requirements, ensuring your data is securely housed.

FAQ about BECER Data Center Support

1. How does BECER assist in planning and implementing data center solutions?2024-02-08T10:12:51+00:00

We assist you in all aspects of data center design and implementation, focusing on efficiency, flexibility, and innovation.

2. How does BECER help businesses select the right data center solutions?2024-02-08T10:12:47+00:00

We offer personalized support to ensure that your data center solution is precisely tailored to your business needs, from energy efficiency to optimal location selection. We also provide reliable guidance on edge computing, hyperscaling, and AI.

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