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On Demand: Digital Infrastructure Tailored to Your Needs

BECER, in collaboration with Colt Technology Services, assists you in utilizing On Demand solutions that enable flexible adjustments to your network connectivity. This enables real-time modifications of your digital infrastructure and allows you to respond to any requirements.

Agile Digital Infrastructure

Gain quick access to a global fiber optic network, cloud providers, and leading applications. We assist you in selecting your connections – whether through an award-winning portal, innovative APIs, or as an extension of your own network.

Connection on Demand

Within the interactive customer portal, you have complete control over your connections. Additionally, benefit from a transparent pricing model in which services-fees are being charged in real-time.

Carrier-Grade SLAs

Experience reliable network connectivity with Colt On Demand, supported by high-quality Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) for consistent performance and quality.

FAQ about On Demand Solutions

1. What does ‘On Demand’ mean in terms of network connectivity?2024-02-08T10:14:52+00:00

‘On Demand’ refers to network solutions that allow quick, flexible adjustments to the infrastructure, meeting the dynamic needs of your business.

2. How can I benefit from Colt On Demand?2024-02-08T10:14:47+00:00

Benefit from rapid deployment, real-time adjustments, and payment only for the capacity used, enabling efficient resource utilization and cost savings.

3. Does Colt On Demand offer Carrier-Level SLAs?2024-02-08T10:14:44+00:00

Yes, Colt On Demand ensures consistently high quality and reliability, supported by the high-quality SLAs of the entire Colt product portfolio.

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