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Voice Systems:
Enhancing Business Communication

BECER offers expert, tailored consulting for Voice Services. We focus on creating the perfect network architecture to ensure your voice communication is always available, protected, and efficient.

Microsoft Teams

We assist you in migrating your voice systems to the cloud and replacing your PBX with the Microsoft Phone System.

Inbound and Toll-Free Calls

BECER advises on implementing toll-free and geographic telephone numbers, allowing your customers to call you from anywhere without additional costs.

Cloud SIP

Our consulting includes Cloud SIP solutions, eliminating the need for physical phone lines and simplifying your entire telecommunication into a single IP network.

FAQ about BECER Voice Services

1. What are the benefits of collaborating with BECER for Voice Services?2024-02-08T10:14:05+00:00

BECER offers specialized consulting and tailored solutions to optimize your communication.

2. How can BECER help with the implementation of Microsoft Teams?2024-02-08T10:14:02+00:00

We support integrating Microsoft Teams into your communication infrastructure, ensuring efficient and seamless communication within the company.

3. Can BECER provide consultation on toll-free and geographic telephone numbers?2024-02-08T10:13:54+00:00

Yes, we offer consultation on various telephone number options to improve your accessibility and customer communication.

4. How does BECER support the simplification of telecommunications?2024-02-08T10:13:49+00:00

By implementing Cloud SIP solutions, we help you streamline your telecommunication into a single IP network, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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